Shrunk Expand

September meeting and reconvened AGM

Ashfield Girl's School Holywood RoadBELFAST,

Gloggmitz to Mürzzuschlag - a railway triumph over and under the Semmering After the reconvened AGM (see our May newsletter) David Carson will present videos through the Semmering Pass through Austria along the Semmeringbahn and the new Semmering Base tunnel through the lens of Erwin Tisch's video camera.

October meeting – Chris Playfair

Ashfield Girl's School Holywood RoadBELFAST,

Chris, a well known railway photographer will share with us some of his gems which he has been photographically involved with over the years , including The Derry Relay, HMQ Royal Train and the testing and introducing of the Belmond Grand Hibernian with much more!

November meeting – Edwin McMillan

Ashfield Girl's School Holywood RoadBELFAST,

Railway Memories of NIR and beyond from 1991 to 1997 so guess where the photographs were taken? Edwin will continue his journey through his time with NIR, and if time allows he has promised us a video of MRSI specials from January 1999.

January meeting – Michael McMahon

Ashfield Girl's School Holywood RoadBELFAST,

For his 32nd annual visit, Michael will cover two of his favourite subjects: Railfreight and Irish Railways at night.

March meeting – Sam Somerville

Sam will reflect on early days of railway enthusiasm from the early 1960s to the mid 1970s, followed by an old fashioned slide show showing aspects of railway photography from 1975 embracing Ireland, Great Britain and mainland Europe.

AGM and Matthew Wilson

After the AGM, Matthew will present some of his collection showing Britain, Ireland and France from 2010 to 2013.