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East Coaster Railcruise – gone west!

Whitehead RPSI-Sligo-return

Our next outing is the East Coaster Rail Cruise Gone West on Saturday 9 September, originally scheduled to run to Rosslare, but now diverted to Sligo. The train will be operated by our friends in RPSI, and will consist of the RPSI’s Mk2 carriages – it is now due to be hauled by an NIR 111 class locomotive throughout, and to operate via the rarely used Newcomen Junction in both directions. The draft revised itinerary is as follows:- Arr Dep Whitehead Excursion 07:30 Carrickfergus 07:46 07:47 Belfast Central 08:07 08:27 Lisburn 08:40 08:42 Portadown 09:04 09:06 Drogheda 10:05 10:10 Dublin Connolly 11:00 11:30 Sligo 15:06 16:00 Dublin Connolly 19:26 19:50 Drogheda 20:31 20:33 Portadown 21:33 21:35 Lisburn 21:59 22:01 Belfast Central 22:15 22:25 Carrickfergus 22:42 22:44 Whitehead Excursion 22:57 Tickets are available at £59 (all NIR stations) and £54 (Drogheda and Dublin) from Belfast Welcome Centre.


September meeting and reconvened AGM

Ashfield Girl's School Holywood RoadBELFAST,

Gloggmitz to Mürzzuschlag - a railway triumph over and under the Semmering After the reconvened AGM (see our May newsletter) David Carson will present videos through the Semmering Pass through Austria along the Semmeringbahn and the new Semmering Base tunnel through the lens of Erwin Tisch's video camera.