February 2018 Newsletter

After a flurry of correspondence in the autumn, the customary January newsletter went unpublished as there was little to report.

However, we do have sad news for members.  Some of you will remember David Mummery, who lived in Essex but travelled on railtours when he was available – he was granted life membership after one railtour where he had been unable to travel, but refused the refund of his ticket to which he was entitled.  We are sorry to report that David died in late 2015, and we send our sympathies to his wife Mary Jane Lewis.

Annual General Meeting

At the reconvened Annual General Meeting on 18 October 2017, the following were elected:

Treasurer:                    Roy Thompson
Committee members:  Matthew Tennis, Brian Templeton

This year it is the turn of the Secretary, Andy Boal, to retire, and we will invite nominations to the post of Secretary and for ordinary Committee members in good time for the Annual General Meeting.

Future meetings

Time is flying, and our February meeting is this Wednesday, 21st February.

The chairman of RPSI, Rev John McKegney, is going to visit us and take a ramble through his photo albums – if you’re friends with him on Facebook, you may have seen some of his photos already, and we look forward to seeing what else he brings.

Our March meeting will be in a classroom on 21st March.  Sam Somerville will reflect on his early days of railway enthusiasm from the early 1960s to the mid 1970s, followed by an old-fashioned slide show showing aspects of railway photography from 1975 embracing Ireland, Great Britain and mainland Europe.

Finally, our Annual General Meeting will be on 18th April, after which Matthew Wilson will present some of his photography around Britain, Ireland and France.

Membership 2017-18

Unless we have already received your renewal form, a membership form for 2017-18 is attached.  Membership rates remain at £10 (£5 concession) but members are reminded that due to increasing bank fees, we can no longer accept payment in Euros.

Senior Travel Pass Group

Ken Harte writes:

Wednesday 28th February – Athlone, Longford and Mullingar

This month we plan to complete a circuit of Midland towns. Heuston to Athlone then by bus to either Longford or Mullingar picking up the 15.00 hrs Sligo/ Connolly train at Longford(16.19) or at Mullingar(17.00). Ticket- Monthly return to Athlone Code 78. At Mullingar there is a 15 minute walk back along the main street from the bus stop to the station.


Central dep.        08.00
Connolly arr.        10.05
Heuston dep.      11.25
Athlone arr.         12.41

Return direct via Portarlington:
Athlone dep.       14.05         14.58         16.06
Heuston  arr.       15.42         16.27         17.38

Return via bus to Longford:
Athlone dep.       14.45         (Bus Service 065)
Longford arr.       15.35
Longford dep.     16.19
Connolly arr.        18.19

Return via bus to Mullingar:
Athlone dep.       14.40         (Bus Service 070)
Mullingar arr.       15.35
Mullingar dep.     17.00
Connolly arr.        18.19

And then return to Belfast:
Connolly dep.      19.00
Central arr.          21.10

Contact: To add your name to the mailing list, please use the contact page and we will pass your details on.

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