February 2020 Newsletter

Reconvened Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 19th February 2020

As members may have heard, the reconvened AGM on 10th December 2019 was
(just) inquorate, with only fourteen members present. The Chairman’s and
Treasurer’s reports were read, but no other business could be conducted.
On Wednesday 15th January, we welcomed Michael McMahon for his traditional
January meeting, which was very well attended, and Michael rewarded us with a truly
fascinating slideshow.

However, the Committee had cause to reflect on the difficulties in recent years of
arranging Annual General Meetings and electing a functioning committee. We knew
that after more than 30 years, we could still arrange an interesting programme with
something new to say; while railtours are becoming increasingly difficult to arrange
due to the sheer busyness of our friends in RPSI, we are looking at visits to sites of
railway interest.

There is therefore a purpose to MRSI. We strongly believe that.

But the problem is that, increasingly, it is becoming more and more difficult to fulfil
the background work that makes the Society meetings happen.

We have therefore agreed to have a formal discussion of the future of the society in
February in the form of an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The stated purpose of the EGM is to discuss a motion to formally wind up the Society
in an orderly fashion. However, the Committee’s true aim is to facilitate an honest
and open discussion of the future of the Society – to ask members if they would like
MRSI to keep going.

Unfortunately, to continue in existence requires more members to step up and join
the Committee. We cannot continue to function without a Secretary or a Treasurer.
The AGM will therefore be reconvened on Wednesday 19th February 2020 and will
be followed by an Extraordinary General Meeting. The agenda is overleaf.

We invite members who are unable to attend to send comments to David Carson for
inclusion in the discussion, but only those present will be able to vote at the AGM or

Agenda for Annual General Meeting

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meetings including adoption of reports
  3. Discussion of the future of the Society
  4. Election of Chairman (until April 2022)
  5. Election of Secretary (until April 2021)
  6. Election of Committee members (until April 2020)
  7. Election of auditor
  8. Programme for March and April meetings
  9. Any other business

Nominations for Officers and committee members should be sent to the Acting
Chairman, with the signatures of the nominee, proposer and seconder by Sunday 16th

As Roy Thompson resigned as Treasurer in December, Brian Templeton has agreed to
act as a casual replacement until April, when a new Treasurer must be elected to
serve until April 2023.

Minutes of the reconvened AGM, including the Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports are

Agenda for Extraordinary General Meeting

Notice of motion

The motion to be placed before the EGM is as follows:-
That the society should be dissolved:
its records to be donated to the IRRS
all subscriptions paid for 2019-20 to be refunded to members
after all liabilities are met, its remaining assets to be distributed between
RPSI and DCDR in proportions to be agreed at the meeting.

The Committee hopes that a strong functioning Committee will be elected to continue
the work of the Society, but this will require commitment from members willing to
follow in the footsteps of the Officers and Committee members who have served the
Society with diligence, honour and imagination over the last 30+ years.

To that end, if a Chairman, Secretary and at least two Committee members (including
one willing to be nominated as Treasurer in April 2020) are elected, the motion will be

We will accept amendments to the motion from the floor at the EGM.

Membership renewal

The Committee has agreed that as the future of the Society is in doubt, members
should not be asked to pay the usual subscription for 2019-20 until the Society’s
future is certain.

A membership renewal form is available on the website. If the Society
resolves to continue to operate, subscriptions will have to be paid in the usual way.
Please note that due to bank fees, we cannot accept payments in Euro.