Full membership of the Society is open to anyone over the age of 16, but anyone under the age of 16 can join if their application is accompanied by written consent of a parent or guardian.

The membership year is 1 October to 30 September the following year – if you join after 1 May each year, we will extend your membership through to September the following year.

Subscription rates for 2022/23 are £10 and a concessionary rate of £5 for those under 16, over 65 or unwaged.

You can join in one of three ways:

  1. Via Paypal using these links:
    1. Full membership (£10)
    2. Concessionary membership (£5)
  2. Completing our application form and posting it with a sterling cheque to the address on the form
  3. Completing our application form and bringing it with your subscription to one of our meetings

Please note – we can no longer receive payment in Euro.

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